Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On why I'm going unplugged...

"The world is becoming smaller and smaller, thanks to globalization." -The first line of every college/grad school entrance essay I've ever written

You can call it fluff, I don't mind. I call it bullsh*t. Anyway, there's some truth to that statement, particularly if you substitute the word "technology" for globalization.

Thanks to technology, I've made long-distance friendships with people all around the country, not to mention the world. I've learned tips and tricks from educators in other countries, which have helped me to grow tremendously in my job. I love jumping in random chats on Twitter and following random strangers' boards on Pinterest, just to see what the eff they do. I am very well aware that this also makes me random. And slightly creepy. 

I don't care, though. If it makes me a better teacher, then I'll be that random creeper who lurks on your page, randomly liking your pins. 

But herein lies the rub, my friends. Anyone who has ever met me, even for five nanoseconds, can tell you that I'm a huge technophile. You'd swear that I came out of an iWomb. But lately, I've been regressing, and becoming unplugged. 

RIP Sarah's Facebook: July 2013
RIP Sarah's Instagram: Last night
RIP Vine and Snapchat: Within the next 24 hours


Yeah, you heard me. I'm keeping my Twitter and my Pinterest, because those are the two I still find that the pros outweigh the cons. But yeah...I'm pretty much done with social media for the moment, particularly when it comes to my personal life. I have my reasons. I won't share them all, because some are personal, but here are a few. 

1.  I'm an introvert. 
Now, now...before you call BS (and I do see your mouth getting fixed up to say those two letters), let me explain. Just because someone can fake a sunny disposition most days, that doesn't mean that they are a "people person." As a matter of fact, I really don't like being around people, most of the time...unless you're special. And yes, that includes you. Aww. 

But seriously. Being around people kind of wears me down. Small talk is my kryptonite. And that's pretty much all FB is. All small talk, all the time. 

Ok, so I lied. I'm only sharing one right now. It's 4 am and I'm going back to sleep. 

I might pick up where I left off in my next post. Or not. Watch this space, if you feel like it. Goodnight. 

PS. I'm not usually this snarky. I'm just too sleepy to fake a sunny disposition right now. Goodnight (this time, I really mean it). 

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